Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing at the beach...

I think I can really do with a beach vacation... sunny evening, pleasant sea breeze, feet in sand, listening to the rhythm of the waves...

Here's the little birthday boy. Abby wanted a cake with the undersea world theme for her son's second birthday cake. But good thing it is a slight variation from previous ocean theme. This is more of family activity theme - playing at the beach, feeding fishes, swimming, building sand castle...

Here's Didi's elder sister playing with him on the beach. Abby sent me pictures of her children and I'd tried my best to capture the essence of them.

jie jie building sand castle

Little slippers

Pail and spade

The sand castle (a bit sweaty because it is sitting on a chilled cake!)

The float for a swim

Didi with the fishes

My bunch of cute fishes ^^

And a sea turtle as requested

Turtle is about to swim off the edge... too much happenings too little cake space! Haha...

Star fishes and sea shells to give it the ocean theme feel

Fresh cream peach cake covered in light blue fresh cream, beach made of digestive biscuits.

Birthday was last Saturday but I only get to upload the pictures now. I hope the birthday party was a splash and as fun as the beach outing.

Here's Donald's 1st birthday cake

ps. Clare, thanks dear for convincing Abby for the order ^^, she had the same cake as you.

pps. If you are planning to order something like this, I can make you fondant decorations on chilled cake ONLY if you are having the cake a few hours after collection because the fondant might sweat too much and start to "run".

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