Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doll Cupcakes

Right, I admit that I am running out of idea for the blog title :p

Melissa ordered during the busy week a few weeks ago, but so happen that one of my other orders was cancelled so I was able to take her order. Due to the busy week :p, I didn't have the luxury of time to set up the cupcakes for photo shooting, so the background is a bit messy. :)
Originally Melissa wanted a Barbie doll, but I told her my skill is not up to that level, I am not able to mimic the look and feature of a "person". Nevertheless, Melissa said it was okay, her intention was to have a doll. So here she is.

A handbag was requested

A pair of high heel shoes

A pink colour car

The pink and white theme colour was given as well

Hmm... shall I end with my standard closing?
Happy 5th birthday Amberlyn! ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yummy food on cupcakes

Aileen inquired about anniversary cupcakes. So I told her there is no fixed theme, basically it can be any design, the most important is something that represents the relationship. So I suggested for her to have things that tells about their favorite items, maybe hobbies or activities that they share. So Aileen gave me items that tells the story about their favorite dating activities - shopping, watching movie and dining :). Like all other couples do I'm sure. So she had picked some of their favorite food stuff for this box of cupcakes.

A girl...

... and a boy

Facebook-ing is a must!

Popcorn at the movies

Hang out for a cup of coffee (can't help putting some green on the "paper cup" haha...)

Sushi at... which is your favorite? ;)

A bowl of noodles at Dragon i :)

Burger at a fast food

8 medium and 18 mini cupcakes

and the love story continues...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Kitty

Jen ordered this for her daughter's birthday on 10th October. It was auspicious therefore the 10.10.10 on the cupcakes ^^

She wanted Hello Kitty and pink icing for these box of 36 pieces mini cupcakes. This box contains three 3D kitties and six 2D kitty faces.

Kitty in winter wear

Happy birthday to Zoey!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

101010 Wedding Anniversary

It was an auspicious day, 10th of October, year 2010 - 10.10.10. I've got 2 orders that specified this special date, one for birthday and another one for a wedding anniversary for Connie. Connie actually wanted a fully fondant covered cake, but I didn't have enough time since I got to know about her order late. Orders were really full last week (and very little for this week! Humph...) and I needed to allow more time preparing the figurines instead. So I offered Connie a semi-fondant covered cake.
The top was covered with fondant but the sides and cake board were not covered. This was a chocolate moist cake.
When we were brainstorming design ideas, we thought that human figurines will be the best for wedding anniversary, but I really, REALLY didn't have time to make a pair of human figurines so I suggested that I make her animal figurines... after some consideration, Connie said pigs, one of her favorite characters.

Good thing my fondant "wooden" fence was in time to harden :)
I know, I know... I forgot their tails!!

Hope you and your hubby liked the cake, Connie. Glad you have had a heart-warming anniversary celebration. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Skipper the penguin leader
Tracy ordered this for Cesca... Saw her FB pictures where animals got eaten! LOL!! Thanks for the FB tag :)

Gloria the hippo

Alex the lion

Marty the zebra

King Julien the lemur

Happy birthday to Cesca from the Madagascar celebration team! ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Animal Birthday Party

My cousin sister ordered this for her daughter's first birthday. It was 27th September, delayed telecast due to the madness schedule right after the wedding function, followed by running around to replace my documents, AND the wedding cake competition. :)

Cousin sis wanted some miniature animals, so made a TTB as well besides the cow.

A piggy

Frog and an elephant

In a hurry to take these pictures with the phone, so not very clear.
Hope the birthday celebration was a great one, didn't have the time to check on cousin after the delivery :p


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