Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Timmy Time

This was a picture taken during the making... I don't have much good pictures for this order because I was in a hurry to snap the pictures at 2.30am. I was back that night from a wedding party to decorate this cake after a unfortunate incident... anyways, Cheryl was one of the first people I wanted to call, to tell her I can't make the "table" and "chair" due to the incident which I had to attend to the night before delivering this cake.

Luckily Cheryl was okay with the missing table and chair. The rest of the characters were made in advance, so they were all there for Ryan. :)

Timmy Time the sheep

Mittens the cat

Yabba the duck

Otus the Owl

A "blackboard"
And I think Timmy Time is related to Shaun the sheep (as mentioned my Amal on FB haha...)
Happy birthday Ryan!


Cheryl said...

Just want to let you know that everybody gave thumbs up for the cake :)

Tuty said...

Hi...how much is this "timmy time" themed cake? Thought of ordering it for my daughter's 4th birthday on the 11th March. Thanks.


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