Friday, July 30, 2010

Ironman RPM, 3 hours of body and mind endurance!

Last week I went for a 2 hour RPM (indoor cycling) Marathon class at the gym. No joke, it was really tough, but very satisfying once I finished the class. I also had a good gym buddy to ride with me that night and two great instructors with all very engaging song tracks. It was great workout and fun too! Totally loved it.

This week was supposed to be the "level up" of the RPM Marathon - Ironman! It's a 3 hour class. THREE HOUR of cycling. Geezz... a bit stretching my limits and besides, no good buddy so I passed.

Got a cupcake order from the instructors who are conducting the Summit branch class tonight. I'm feeling so proud that my little cuppie cakes will be greeting them tough riders at the end of the finishing line! :D

Based on experience, you do need a good pair of shoes so that your feet stay comfortable for prolong workout

Towel is a must, bring 2 in fact

As for water, bring 3 bottles! I finished 2 bottles the other day during the 2 hour class...

Everyone is the champion for completing the class :)

I got too engrossed with taking pictures of the "road" till I didn't take picture of the full box! I just realize now... So you just try to patch the picture above with the picture below with your imagination, and you will get the image of the full box :p

To you who had made it through the 3 hour Ironman - CONGRATS!!!

Now put up your feet and take a good rest, no going gym the next day k... :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dulce De Leche Brownies

I had painstakingly made some dulce de leche (pronounced as dool-say-dee-leh-chey I think... ?) a few months back from "scratch", that was cooking fresh milk and sugar and reducing it to the consistency of caramel. If you think this sounds cool, DO NOT DO IT! Unless you have good supply of fresh milk, really fresh milk, not those store bought ones, because the taste of this "specially made" dulce de leche of mine tasted exactly like as though I'd used condensed milk. Humphhh... so, use condensed milk, it is less time consuming and less messy.

I thought I would make banoffee pies with the dulce de leche when I made them but have been really lazy! So when I saw a link through PY's FB page on dulce de leche cheesecake, I wanted to make some during my free Sunday this week, but when browsing through saw an even better link that suited my lazy mood nicely.

Brownies with ribbons, layers and dollops of dulce de leche. Brownies just have to be one of the most hassle free baking ever. This recipe uses melted chocolate and also cocoa powder. I've changed the recipe slightly and I think the next time I can make coffee infused dulce de leche for some "coffee caramel brownies". :)

The marble effect of the dulce de leche

PY said my brownies looked like it has been glazed. It's just the caramel at the top actually.

Too lazy to set up special photo shooting background, so here are a few pictures I took while having 2 pieces of the brownies myself (another one with coffee now) and quickly stored away the rest as they have all been allocated already for my volunteer tasters ^^

I have a sweet tooth and I love caramel, so I'd say MORE dulce de leche :)). But if you have a low sweet tolerance level, better stick to the recipe and perhaps put in some nuts as suggested, I believe that gives more texture and is able to make the brownies taste less sweet overall.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vegetarian Lagsana

I am half way through my 100 days of vegetarian "mission" :)
Made this vegetarian lasagna last few weeks, with roasted aubergine, capsicum, onion and some frozen mixed vegetables.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Branch Meeting at EON Bank

Having passion of the fiery red chillies!

Michelle ordered this for her office. EON Bank has an array of fruits to represent their motto in service providing. So fruits have been incorporated into the theme of the box of cupcakes she ordered.

A corn

The extra service in preparing the mango for you

Delightful experience, just like the citrus

Red among the greens (apples)

To go the extend in service, like offering a peeled orange instead of just any orange

Giant strawberry

Customers and the bank are like two peas in a pod

As a customer, you are the star.


I heard it was a branch meeting therefore the Malaysia map with dots indicating the branches nationwide.

A box of 18 medium cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes, presented on a 15 inches square cake board.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sugar Miu Miu Stiletto!

Jaah ordered this for his daughter's birthday. The discussion of the brand and design was later handed over to Izrin, and later I got an email from Ainura the birthday girl herself on the details.

Told Ainura that I will be more confident making her a strap-py one instead of peep toe or court shoes.

So here it is, the 4 inches high heel stiletto with 6 straps.

Besides wanting the shoe to be a Miu Miu in pink, actually, it's the heel that matters :)

"Diamond" (non-edible though) studded heels!

So when you turn your heels and walk away, you will REALLY leave an impression to the onlookers haha... So glam!

But what do we eat?

The shoe box was the cake. Made from 2 portions of moist chocolate cake sliced into 4 layers, filled with milk chocolate, the final layer has been made into the box cover.

The given birthday message

Happy sweet 16, Aunura!


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