Friday, November 6, 2009


This was another order from Michelle. It is a relieve I'm sure to all bakers to receive repeat orders. :) This is for her brother who's turning 40. Originally, badminton, soccer and golf were discussed being the hobbies of the birthday boy. After some thoughts, badminton racket and shuttle cock would be great challenge if we want to create the see through on the racket wires, and feather on the shuttle cocks.

And so we settled for golf. The requests were golf bag, gloves, clubs, balls and a hole with the red flag. Here are the miniatures, which are slightly bigger since this box includes medium cupcakes as well instead of just the minis.

Did some indentation on the golf balls, but they are not very visible. Couldn't do much because if I indent too much, the balls don't turn out round enough...

The grassy look of the icing. Had a lot of fun making the "grass" but remembered that the turf should not be too bushy. Haha...

Beige colour cupcakes to represent the sand area of the golf course...

These are all chocolate cupcakes with butter icing.

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