Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Purple Dino

Halim is a great hairstylist. He has been my hairdresser for at least 8 years and he's never been wrong with the kind of hairstyle that suits me. Sis is also having Halim as her hairstylist now and she totally loves it. Thanks to Farid for introducing us to Halim.

It was also Farid who had reminded Halim recently of my little cake project and thus Halim ordered his son's second birthday cake from me.

When we first spoke, I thought he said he wanted "bunny", his son's favorite toy. So I asked Halim to MMS me picture of that rabbit so I know how to make it. So I thought it was Bugs Bunny until I got picture of a purple colour dinosaur. It's Barney!

A friend reminded me not to take reference of the "pirated" copy of Barney... I wasn't sure which is which actually. So googled for Disney's Barney, can't go wrong right? Halim wanted the wordings "2 year Hariz Haziq" held by Barney... I have been thinking what kind of gadget should Barney be holding, and whether this gadget has got enough space for the wordings. The gadget shouldn't be too big till it covers Barney as well... so at the end, I made a "lollipop" (I hope it looks like one) for the wordings, and have Barney held it to the side.

Some colourful cut-out wordings.

Halim also ordered a box of cupcakes and here they are....

Happy birthday Hariz! Hope you've enjoyed your birthday as much as Aunty Bel has enjoyed making Barney ^^

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A hot bath together, anyone?

Just delivered this cake to Colin, and hopefully Colin takes some pictures of the cake because he has the "special effect" cake, haha... You see, the cake that Colin is having right now looks different from these I have because there was an "accident" during delivery and by the time the cake reached Colin, it looked like as though the boys have been splashing water in the bath when I was not looking. Haha... Yeeee... okay, quite scary if figurines go alive! Anyways, the water from the bath has spilt out during the car ride and thus the "special effect" cake.

One of those nightmares bakers have, but thank goodness some turned out to be beautiful accidents.

The theme of this cake was originally stripper popping out from a cake-looking cake. And after asking Colin how he wanted the guy to pose, he sent me a picture of a guy lifting himself out from a pool. So I thought maybe we make the theme into a guy emerging from a pool instead of cake. Then Colin was lead to Mama Min's post when I wanted to show him the kind of figurine to expect (my figurine should look similar to Min's since like teacher like student? LOL) and new ideas were formed.

Here are my guys...

This is the first time I deliver cake with human figurine, which I tried to avoid all these while. Haha... Colin has been really helpful by sending me links of polymer figurines (which looks so beautiful and real!) as reference... Of course mine are no where near the professionals'. And yeah, when I was half way sculpturing these, I was wishing that Colin have had the time to make the polymer clay figurines and I'll just place them on the cake!

Alas! Since no supply of ready made figurines we have to settle with these. Ideally, one or two more days extra for this job would have been great because I would have re-sculptured this boy. But the boy needed to time to dry and harden, so had to make do with first try. As I looked at the guy the next day, I thought the six packs resemble rib cage more, and sis actually confirm this feeling of mine. Humphhh... The figurine should also be slightly smaller the next time so as to avoid sagging due to weight of too much fondant (like the muscular arms for example :p).

This guy was easy, I mean easy to make since no issues and worry about posture. But since the head was suspended, it needed time to be secured in place.

Now the accessories...
The tap that flows glace-icing bath water :)

Bath water made of glace icing tinted blue.

Floor mat to delivery the birthday message.

A bottle of campaign and campaign glass for extra fuzziness.

Bath towel.

... and I realized that there were no space on the "cake" for candles and the "floor" cannot really secure the candles so I made a piece of t-shirt and a sock (and a sock because the t-shirt was not big enough lol) to hold up the 10 candles.

Bathtub was a chocolate cake with milk chocoalte icing. Cake board was covered with sugarpaste floor tiles.

The bathroom before the boys splashed water all over. :p :p

Happy birthday Joe! May all your dreams come true :)

ps. Disclaimer: If you at anytime feel that anything is "suggestive" in here, it's a total coincident or mere accident during decoration emergencies, as the baker is totally innocent. :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Chicken pie, this time with a lot more mushroom which were sliced instead of chopped. And it's white button mushroom this time instead of portobello mushrooms.

The mini chicken pie, which is still my favorite size.

And since sis said she preferred a bigger one for dinner, I made 2 of a bigger size (actually the standard chicken pie size) for our dinner.

Chunky roasted chicken and big pieces of sliced mushrooms.

Saturday night dinner - I like chicken pies encased in shortcrust pastry and covered with puff pastry, instead of the chicken pot pies in casseroles with just the puff pastry on the top. n_n

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sugar Gym

This box of sugar gym on cupcakes were ordered by Ronnie last, last week. Got too busy and only manage to post this now.

I recently realized when I went to my pump at FF MML that the bar bells are no longer with the red colour part... so made the bar bell fully black this time. And I think the plates are nicer when made this way :)

Made 3 sets of dumbbells with 3 different colours for 3 different "weights", just like those at some of the FF (Those in Cheras Leisure Mall are one uniform colour for all weights though).

Pink glove, pink towel...

Pink branded water bottle...

Happy (belated) birthday Denise, hope it was a great one. ^_^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tennis for A Perfect 10

Amrit ordered this on behalf of her aunt for her niece. We were planning for a cake with miniature vanity stuff at first but later Amrit found out that the birthday girl love tennis, and her favorite colour are pink and purple. So that pretty set the theme of this cake.

The most challenging of all was the tennis court net. I had researched on the Internet and I saw ribbons being used, gumpaste, royal icing... Because I'd got this order for last week where I had another 3 other orders, I didn't want to risk making a fragile net. Unlike the set of football toy I got for the other football theme, there wasn't any toys for tennis.

At the end, I got inspired by my shower loofah. Haha... no, no... THIS wasn't made of my shower loofah but a new one. So the "net" was held up by gumpaste and embedded wire which was connected to the gumpaste post at both sides, also with wire structure. So yeah, the net was not edible.

The tennis court was made of sugarpaste and the line was drew with butter icing - I tried my best to draw straight lines, but even though I held my breath while drawing, I only manage to draw the lines as straight as this.

The tennis balls were made ahead which turned out to be a bit gigantic for the tennis court.

Butter icing grass surrounding the court with little purple fondant flowers.

A special birthday message.

The tennis racquet (too much pink?). These were quite tiny and I didn't have the time to create see through net for them. Perhaps next time ;)

A set of tennis attire - tennis skirt and shirt. With water bottle and towel.

The Nike sports bag and tennis shoes.

Here it is... tennis court was sitting on a chocolate chip butter cake with butter icing. Cake board covered with piped butter icing.

Hope the birthday girl likes this, wasn't introduced to birthday girl, so my birthday greetings would have to be...

Happy birthday Nemo! ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My little Monkey

Cute? Hehe... :) I like the monkey a lot actually.

This was Cres' idea, she actually gave me a picture guide of the type of monkey she wants and I think this is the cutest, even when I googled for ideas, I didn't come across this one.

It is Cres' daughter, Teresa's 1st birthday and her favorite plush toy is a monkey, hence the idea for this cake.

I nearly forgot about the tail haha... only added the tail after the monkey went onto the cake, which actually is a better way so the tail won't break or fall off during transfer. (Mama Min, if you are reading this - the monkey has a stick inside this time ;) and it really helped reduce my nightmares haha...)

Some bananas to decorate the fondant covered cake.

Fondant covered cake board with birthday message writing on little cut out fondant flowers.

Cres also order a box of mini cupcakes, and she wanted animal faces on them. We had 12 cupcakes with the animal faces, the rest with flowers and other yummy toppers.

TTB in the party since one of the animals requested was bear.

Cat... so made a Hello Kitty look alike :)

Dog... looks like snoopy right? since it's black and white...

Monkey face, literally!

Rabbit... I was between one that looks "real" like Bugs Bunny, or this, one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. Not exactly a bunny, but one with the bunny ears :)


TTB and friends :)

The pink flowers. I think one of Cres' friends will like this haha... Like Cres said when we discussed colours, she said this is Nina's favorite colour.

And so here's the box of mini cupcakes.

Delivered this on Saturday. Cres, sorry you had to turn one big round because I wasn't "running" fast enough to meet you when you drove through (though I was already sweating like though I've done one RPM class haha).

Happy birthday Teresa! Hope Aunty Bel will be making your 2nd birthday cake too :)


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