Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tennis for A Perfect 10

Amrit ordered this on behalf of her aunt for her niece. We were planning for a cake with miniature vanity stuff at first but later Amrit found out that the birthday girl love tennis, and her favorite colour are pink and purple. So that pretty set the theme of this cake.

The most challenging of all was the tennis court net. I had researched on the Internet and I saw ribbons being used, gumpaste, royal icing... Because I'd got this order for last week where I had another 3 other orders, I didn't want to risk making a fragile net. Unlike the set of football toy I got for the other football theme, there wasn't any toys for tennis.

At the end, I got inspired by my shower loofah. Haha... no, no... THIS wasn't made of my shower loofah but a new one. So the "net" was held up by gumpaste and embedded wire which was connected to the gumpaste post at both sides, also with wire structure. So yeah, the net was not edible.

The tennis court was made of sugarpaste and the line was drew with butter icing - I tried my best to draw straight lines, but even though I held my breath while drawing, I only manage to draw the lines as straight as this.

The tennis balls were made ahead which turned out to be a bit gigantic for the tennis court.

Butter icing grass surrounding the court with little purple fondant flowers.

A special birthday message.

The tennis racquet (too much pink?). These were quite tiny and I didn't have the time to create see through net for them. Perhaps next time ;)

A set of tennis attire - tennis skirt and shirt. With water bottle and towel.

The Nike sports bag and tennis shoes.

Here it is... tennis court was sitting on a chocolate chip butter cake with butter icing. Cake board covered with piped butter icing.

Hope the birthday girl likes this, wasn't introduced to birthday girl, so my birthday greetings would have to be...

Happy birthday Nemo! ;)

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