Sunday, April 4, 2010

My little Monkey

Cute? Hehe... :) I like the monkey a lot actually.

This was Cres' idea, she actually gave me a picture guide of the type of monkey she wants and I think this is the cutest, even when I googled for ideas, I didn't come across this one.

It is Cres' daughter, Teresa's 1st birthday and her favorite plush toy is a monkey, hence the idea for this cake.

I nearly forgot about the tail haha... only added the tail after the monkey went onto the cake, which actually is a better way so the tail won't break or fall off during transfer. (Mama Min, if you are reading this - the monkey has a stick inside this time ;) and it really helped reduce my nightmares haha...)

Some bananas to decorate the fondant covered cake.

Fondant covered cake board with birthday message writing on little cut out fondant flowers.

Cres also order a box of mini cupcakes, and she wanted animal faces on them. We had 12 cupcakes with the animal faces, the rest with flowers and other yummy toppers.

TTB in the party since one of the animals requested was bear.

Cat... so made a Hello Kitty look alike :)

Dog... looks like snoopy right? since it's black and white...

Monkey face, literally!

Rabbit... I was between one that looks "real" like Bugs Bunny, or this, one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. Not exactly a bunny, but one with the bunny ears :)


TTB and friends :)

The pink flowers. I think one of Cres' friends will like this haha... Like Cres said when we discussed colours, she said this is Nina's favorite colour.

And so here's the box of mini cupcakes.

Delivered this on Saturday. Cres, sorry you had to turn one big round because I wasn't "running" fast enough to meet you when you drove through (though I was already sweating like though I've done one RPM class haha).

Happy birthday Teresa! Hope Aunty Bel will be making your 2nd birthday cake too :)


ladynina said...

thanks for including me in as pink flower. i like. ;)

1 pretty looking cake, babe.

Mama said...

Aww... so adorable! I love the monkey's eyes. Can't help but love her :) The animals on the cupcakes rock!

Bel Jee said...

Thank you :) Me a very happy baker

gymaddict said...

Argghhhh the secret blog got all the cute pix!!!!!!!! Tak tahan!!!!

Bel Jee said...

Gymaddict, actually this is the open blog, "the other" blog is a secret blog shhhhh....

gymaddict said...

Ohhhh shhhhhhhhhh

You are really very skillful!! Always love seeing your creations :D


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