Monday, August 31, 2009

The Electrician's Tools

Kath got my contact from Tony and was interested to get a box of the mini cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday. Though her boyfriend is also a gym member, she thought of ordering something different instead of the gym theme cupcakes again, something TeaRoom has not delivered before. We finally decided on creating something along the line of her boyfriend's occupation. Hence these tools and gadgets for the electrical technicians.



Wire Cutters

Screw Driver


And here are some extra gadgets besides the tools...

A Reader


Safety Helmet

A Green Nike Pouch

A box of chocolate cupcakes with butter icing, tools and gadgets made of fondant. Thanks for the order Kath, and thanks for promoting the TeaRoom. Hope you've had a great birthday celebration!

Ohh... by the way, edible silver colour was used to give the metal feel of the tools.

Love RPM

These were by Pat... hope you have had a great time if you were there!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Divalicious Cuppie Cakes

A Green Nike Miniature Sling Bag

Stephanie contacted me some 2 weeks plus before her order date to arrange for this set of cupcakes. After quite a few FB messages, she has provided me with a list of wordings and miniatures for the production of cupcakes. Out of the list of items, I told Steph that "divalicious" was a bit long to fit the cupcake, and I couldn't do the transparent effect of a pair of glasses. Other than that, everything else was okay and I'd known then that I'll have fun making these items. So cute!

Saw some FB pictures and thanks again for tagging The Baker, looks like you guys have had a great time and glad that the cupcakes are part of this fun-filled special occasion!

The Birthday Wishes

A Birthday Present

Black iPod

Pink Fondant Heart


Nike Water Bottle

Nike Face Towel
A Pair of Red Nike Shoes

This was by far my favorite Nike miniature bag

The box of cupcakes which were later being beautifully presented on a tray for the bitrhday party.

Friday, August 28, 2009

TTB and Elephant

My second blue elephant

This order was from Lyn and Angie just came to pick this up, along with 2 additional smaller box orders. The request was for a box that is the same with what Angie ordered previously which means both bear and elephant in a box, with some presents and booties.

Mini TTB on mini cupcake

A purple wrapper present with chocolate ribbons

A pair of yellow booties

Besides the fondant decorations, the cuppie cakes are topped with marshmallows, chocolate rice, gummy bears, candies and chocolate.

Happy Birthday Jason, from TTB. May your 6ht birthday be filled with loads of presents, fun and love :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Box of Designer and Branded Cupcakes

Brother in law ordered a box of cupcakes for his aunt's birthday. There have been many ideas and we enjoyed the brainstorming sessions, imagining the outcome of the cakes. Finally, his order was a box of cupcakes with the designers' brand.

Bro mentioned a few brands and I particularly remember Nike. Other than that, my memory was a bit vague. So, googled "designer logos" and got a few ideas. I've left out Coach, a brand I quite like. And I think Fendi has quite a distinctive logo as well. Next time. I didn't do Tag Heuer because the logo is very colour based, green and red but I heard this is the birthday girl's favorite brand. Next time as well.

Here are some highlights:

This is the set I like most, the sports brand.

These were added because Aunt Jennifer loves money too. Hey who doesn't? :)

Here is the complete set, can you spot the spelling error? It has been later corrected but only after the photo session. The line of gold coins were chocolates.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little Indulgences in Little Boxes

Made for Badrul by sis' request

Little boxes of cupcakes are occasionally created. The small boxes come with my bulk order. So yes, if you feel like having additional boxes, do request the next time you order your box of cupcakes (minimum order for mini cupcakes is 36 pieces, which is the size of what you normally order).

One of Lyn's order when she found out that I was delivering a bigger batch and would have extras

Also one of Lyn's order. When 36 pieces is not enough, add on a few more pieces in the smaller boxes

When I want to give a little gift to friends or try out some new toppers. These were for CS aka official taster

Walnut pralines

Chocolate coated marshmallows


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