Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to Simplicity

Lyn placed an order which was like 3 orders, for 3 occasions. Lyn was my first cupcake customer, yeah I mean the first person who bought a box of cupcakes from me. I still remember that was a box of 16 pieces medium cupcakes and it was not specially arranged - Lyn saw the box of cupcakes and just decided to buy that off me. It was a good start, cupcake orders is a big part of the TeaRoom biz now. And for the next few posts, you will be seeing a lot of cupcakes. In fact, there was an inquiry just now, but this will be another story.

Chocolate coated coffee bean and couverture white chocolate droplet

For Lyn's order, it was all about simplicity and back to innovative use of ready made toppers. Some of her favorite toppers were the chocolate coated coffee beans, marshmallows, chocolates and the icing itself.

Cadbury's Moment - Hazelnut praline


A Smiley which Lyn has specifically reminded me to put on and direction of the smiley face specified as well. Not like this way :) Haha... You know, if I'd drew it the wrong way, I can always just rotate it :p

On Thursday evening, before I left office, Lyn called to urgently arrange for one of the boxes to be delivered that very night. This was the one, for her mum's birthday celebration. (Thanks for coming all the way to pick this up babe)

This was the other box which I'd managed to deliver also one night earlier.

And this box was picked up this morning for a birthday celebration in the office. Hope you've had a great time!

Lyn's cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with coloured butter icing.


MasterChef said...

any pics of the small box to Badrul? I actually didn't get to see it. heh.. his kids are now hooked to this!!!!! The cupcakes are all gone within a few mins!

Bel Jee said...

okay, uploaded the pictures for you to look at. It was the simple design. I think we can be quite sure that the cupcakes are the children's favorite. :)


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