Monday, August 10, 2009

The gym, a great birthday gift!

Something old...

Water bottle
Something new...

"Nike" shoes with chocolate shoe laces

and everything that's yummy...

Gym glove

Evelyn has been the only one who gave me feedback every time I sent her FB message on a new link on TeaRoom deliveries. Oh and finally a chance to take her order (thanks for the support!), it was such a delight, and so much fun making her box of cupcake - with the inclusion of the "Nike shoes" as a new addition to the TeaRoom gym collectibles - or have they all been eaten? Hehe...

(although something old, but I better give caption just in case it's not recognizable :p)


Barbells and step board

Happy birthday Jennifer!

This is a box of vanilla cupcakes with butter icing. Gym gear and accessories made of fondants.

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