Friday, September 17, 2010

Barney and Friends

This was an order by Joanne via email. Actually I don't think I know Joanne personally, and my cousin Alex had delivered this for me because I had a Raya open house to go to, so never got to meet Joanne. Hopefully next time :)


BJ (correct? I forgot who's who...)

Baby Bob

Happy birthday Marcus!

Hope you've had a great celebration with Barney and friends ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A BlackBerry Birthday

One of my girl friends ordered this for her sis in law and her birthday. She needed to bring this cake back to Kuching, therefore she requested for a slightly down sized cake. And she is not an iPhone fan :), so her cake is with a BlackBerry.

I'd followed the keypad arrangement as close as I could, but I can't really see the description of some of those keys on the web.
The birthday message on phone screen (note to self to make a thinner looking "screen")

Happy birthday Eve! Hope you have had a great time with your boys!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Triple Endurance

Cycle to the bottom of the hill, run up the trail for some weights training? My brother in law walked passed when I was decorating this cake and he said "cycle to the gym for workout?". Hehe...

Herny ordered this for Veron's birthday, the tough trainer as I know. :) This was supposed to be like a triathlon, minus the swimming I suppose, but added the weights training.

Here's the bike.

The running trail, which I tried to make without wasting a lot of cake.

Barbell with weights

More dumbbells

Water bottle and towel

A special birthday wish... what does the number stand for?

Happy birthday Veron, hope you've had a great one and many more to come! ^^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Garden Birthday Party

My cousin Catherine ordered this for her sis in law. The gummy bears were there because I thought it was for a little girl haha : p. Her brother in law picked this box of cake up. I got a call from him later the evening giving me a new lead for cupcake orders, but unfortunately, I was not able to take any order for that week, leave alone two days later. What a pity. I hope to hear from them in October again for another birthday. :)

The theme was garden, so a lot of flowers, butterfly dancing and ladybird dotted the green "grass"

This was a box of 72 pieces mini cupcakes of mixed butter and chocolate flavours.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Star Wars

Sis said my R2D2 was a bit too fat, not tall enough. Humphh... alright.

Herny ordered these for her sons' birthday. Last year they had one with the "war" theme, this year is Star Wars. Hmm... still wars eh :D. This X-wing fighter was my favorite among the other "toys". Does it work if I don't put caption for pictures in this post? ^^


Darth Vader. (Not able to make a standing Darth Vader unless its really tiny, else it will topple over. So I made one sitting down.)

The Millennium Falcon. This was also my favorite but I didn't managed to take a good snap of this spacecraft :(
Death Star during the earlier days

The lightsabers

Happy birthday again to the boys! Looking forward to your next birthday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raya 2010

I cannot manage to be more creative with my blog post title! :p

Anna ordered this as her Raya giveaways to 7 persons and we thought it will be good to personalize the gifts by including the recipients' names. So here are the 7 customized boxes.

Hope the deliveries went well. :)


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