Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Garden Birthday Party

My cousin Catherine ordered this for her sis in law. The gummy bears were there because I thought it was for a little girl haha : p. Her brother in law picked this box of cake up. I got a call from him later the evening giving me a new lead for cupcake orders, but unfortunately, I was not able to take any order for that week, leave alone two days later. What a pity. I hope to hear from them in October again for another birthday. :)

The theme was garden, so a lot of flowers, butterfly dancing and ladybird dotted the green "grass"

This was a box of 72 pieces mini cupcakes of mixed butter and chocolate flavours.

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carmenzoey said...

Hi Bel, how can i call u? i would like to make an order on the 21st sept. pls leave me your contact at btw, i was there when they show me this cake but unfortunately, i didnt manage to get your contact....nice one and yummy too


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