Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Proposal Troop

Cute cupcakes with your favorite characters, dozens of Ferrero Rocher bouquet, the man on his knees in a fine dining restaurant with a diamond ring... Will you not say "yes!"?

This box was for BO aka Steven (sometimes I use nickname so much that I can forget actual names of my friends :p). BO was planning for his "special event" some weeks back and he already booked this box of special mission cupcakes before my recent trip.

BO wanted Keroro Gunso frogs in the Project Proposal, this was one of the light blue frog (don't ask me, I don't know his name.), which was one who looked like a ninja

There is this tough looking purple frog, who looked quite violence. I thought it's so cute for him to hold his bazooka with the "yes" on it ^^

I actually suggested maybe we have the frogs holding "yes" and "no" so the girl can choose. BO said no "Nos". "No" shall not be an option, haha... So here it is the dark blue frog holding the suggestive "yes!"

Say yes...

The main green frog with the "diamond ring"

The "Tiffany box" which was where the real ring gone into

Ta'daa... The ring is not in there yet. The picture with the ring inside is exclusively with BO

The other gadgets in the box. A pair of wedding couple

A bouquet of flowers

So romantic... Why, of course the answer was "yes!". You might have seen the status change in BO's FB profile.


Mission accomplished.


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