Sunday, September 12, 2010

Triple Endurance

Cycle to the bottom of the hill, run up the trail for some weights training? My brother in law walked passed when I was decorating this cake and he said "cycle to the gym for workout?". Hehe...

Herny ordered this for Veron's birthday, the tough trainer as I know. :) This was supposed to be like a triathlon, minus the swimming I suppose, but added the weights training.

Here's the bike.

The running trail, which I tried to make without wasting a lot of cake.

Barbell with weights

More dumbbells

Water bottle and towel

A special birthday wish... what does the number stand for?

Happy birthday Veron, hope you've had a great one and many more to come! ^^


Anonymous said...

Awesome one TTB!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Swee said...

I know what that numbers stand for... Hehehe


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