Friday, September 3, 2010

Bursting with Money!

This was the last delivery before my recent trip, it was delivered the night before I left Malaysia.

This cake was for Anna, my other long lost friend, for his son's birthday. Originally she said a cake with all the dollar signs... later after some brainstorming, it was a bag of money, or a treasure chest full of money. Whichever it was, it has to be spilling with money, loads of money. Anna has described his son as "fat chin hon" (Cantonese saying). Haha...

Gold coins made of fondant and mixed with some chocolate with gold wrappers.

Green paper money and coins bursting out of the treasure chest

Some crushed butter biscuit as "sand" around the treasure chest. Gave the pirate movie feel didn't it? :)

This was a chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling. The body of the chest was 3 layers, and the cover was 2 layers of cake. The treasure chest was about 7 x 3 x 7 inches tall.

The cake was supposed to be a surprise and I heard mummy Anna had successfully done that!
Happy birthday Brenden! Many more (money) to come :)

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