Friday, September 10, 2010

Star Wars

Sis said my R2D2 was a bit too fat, not tall enough. Humphh... alright.

Herny ordered these for her sons' birthday. Last year they had one with the "war" theme, this year is Star Wars. Hmm... still wars eh :D. This X-wing fighter was my favorite among the other "toys". Does it work if I don't put caption for pictures in this post? ^^


Darth Vader. (Not able to make a standing Darth Vader unless its really tiny, else it will topple over. So I made one sitting down.)

The Millennium Falcon. This was also my favorite but I didn't managed to take a good snap of this spacecraft :(
Death Star during the earlier days

The lightsabers

Happy birthday again to the boys! Looking forward to your next birthday!

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