Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cupcake Goes to War

Herny ordered these for her boys' 7th and 11th birthday party. She said her boys like military/ war game stuff, so I thought it would be fun making boys' toys ;). Okay, I have to admit, the gadgets are lacking in details and I couldn't manage to make the guns. I hope these were entertaining and good enough for the boys.

The cupcake icing colours were requested for dark green and grey and besides the above bomb, here are the other stuff...

A missile

A launched missile. The after "bombed" effect and dirt effect was made with crushed oreo biscuits

Did I get away with this grenade? :p

The bazooka. Hmm... Can be better, I know.

Here are the bigger "toys" for the medium cupcakes. I don't have a good shot on the jet, which is on the far left. A set of cupcakes for the names of the birthday boys, Haikal and Haqqiy. On their cupcakes were army helmet (which my mum said was turtles, humph...)

A "cute" tank, "crushing" the toffee crunch
The animated version of jeep on "stones" with the birthday greeting tag

Set up some spikes, booby trap made with pretzels sticks

They looked like this

Some other delicious stuff - this is a Milo nugget

The whole set. Which Herny would have arranged out with the medium cupcakes for the party

This was still my favorite :)


MasterChef said...

ahh.. so cute!!!

Herny said...

hey....thanks alot bel!!! my boys love it soooo much :))) d small bombs n d marshmallow's are the first to go. hee...

they still keep d jet fighter n d big bazooka in d fridge. they want to make it as their toy....gulp!!!

Bel Jee said...

Hey Herny, Thanks for the feedback. You know, the best way to "preserve" the fondants toys is to spray them with the art arcrilic spray (if you are sure your boys won't want to eat them!). If you put in the fridge, the stuff might "sweat" a bit and become sticky when you take out for too long. Keep at room temperature/ air cond room is fine. Just make sure no lizard eats them :)

Bel Jee said...

ps. the bombs and the launched missile are my favorites :). Glad your boys like them and didn't complain that this girl baker doesn't know boys' stuff :p


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