Saturday, September 5, 2009

My TTBs - TeaRoom Teddy Bears

I started creating teddy bears with fondant for birthday cake decoration upon request by a customer. After making about 2 bears, I've modified the looks of the teddies because I want them to look cuter (like the Forever Friends Bear hopefully). Recently and finally I've confirmed this version of bears with individual character and theme. The bears have gotten them quite a lot of fans short after they have been introduced. I've later named them TTB after my own nickname (Close friends, especially the blogger buddies refer me as TTB, mine is called The TeaRoom Baker) and these adorable bears - TeaRoom Teddy Bears.

Here are the first two TTBs.

Present TTB (for Zoey's 3rd birthday)

System Biology TTB (for Siong's Farewell)

The Yoga TTB Collection (for Yoga class launch at Fitness First MBF)

Meditating TTB

Side view of Meditating TTB

Headstand TTB

Side view of the Headstand TTB

Firefly TTB

Side view of the Firefly TTB - as I wanted to show earlier, the bear can actually balance on its own even before it was stuck with icing onto the cake.

The first Family TTB Collection

Noodle TTB (Mama Bear in this collection)

Nintendo TTB (Papa Bear in this collection)

Milk Bottle TTB (Baby Bear in this Collection)

There were many more after these, follow link to "TTB" to view cakes that features TTB.

Here are two TTBs which, until the date of this blog, have not been published yet.

iPhone TTB

Get Well Soon TTB (TTB in bandage and a card)


MasterChef said...

they are certainly an icon and collectable items! So adorable!

cheeky girl said...

they are so cute!!!! i want all of them


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