Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here's a wrap up on the cupcakes and cakes with the Christmas theme. Isn't this going to be so convenient when customers search for Christmas related post next year before they order? Haha... :)

Above are miniature Christmas tree on medium cupcakes. The tree was made of butter icing, with a biscuit cone in the middle to support the structure. Trees were decorated with edible colour balls (that looks like metal and probably taste like it too, I normally throw them away before eating my cakes :p)

Santa hat

First generation snowman, heh

This was a box my uncle ordered for his office, I can't find picture of the box of mini cupcakes he took... hmmm...

This box was a set of 42 pieces medium cupcakes ordered by my cousin sister's office. The cupcakes sat on a cake board of 18 x 18 inches. I bet the presentation of this was impressive enough!

Wreath on medium cupcakes, which allowed more detailed to be worked on the ribbon compared with the tiny ones on mini cupcakes

Snowman during in a rather heavy snow. Snow was created with snow powder icing, which unlike normal icing sugar (or real snow), will not melt away ^^

TTB as Santa this year, also know as called Santa Bear

"Real" candy


This was a cheesecake with Christmas theme. The "hut" was built of Loakers wafer biscuit (which of course turned soggy already by the time the cake was cut) and Rocky chocolate coated sticks.

Definitely heavy snow there at the woods!!

Santa is here!! (plastic Santa so that he will not dissolve away in the fridge)

Other mini cupcake sets which were ordered. These were with hollies and the mini wreaths

This was the effect of the mini Christmas tree on mini cupcakes

This set was in blue, Tracy requested blue for her cupcakes...
Nearly forgotten about TTB for Tracy's cupcakes! ;p

This set was with "fake" candy (made of fondant instead because the "real" candy was too big for mini cupcakes!)

Lily ordered 2 cakes for the Christmas parties she were joining. These were with my "second generation" snowman, they looked fatter right? Hehe... and with different fashion.

That's about it for this year, looking forward to next year's Christmas! ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Drinking session!

Happy Boxing Day! Did you have loads of drinks at the Christmas party? :) Here's another cake idea by Chelsea. The drunk piggy was supposed to be "her hubby" in one of his drinking session. The birthday greeting was also with special thoughts from Chelsea. Real good sense of humour, don't you think? ^^
Bottles of beer

Some hard liquor?

More cans of beer!

Empty cans...

"I am a happy pig... hikksss..."

Pig with a big grin and rosy cheeks... and the black glasses was one of the important specifications given by the lady, hehe...

Hope you've enjoyed this post as much as you've enjoyed your drinking session last night ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Shopaholic Series

Kang ordered this for Wai Ling and it was supposed to represent the birthday girl as a shopaholic :)

So here's the cake with loads of shopping bags and shoe boxes...

Nike shoe box

Shopping bag

I love the time when I reopen and examine the "achievements" of my shopping haha...

Shopping stuff piling sky high, I mean cake high!

More shoes...

Have you done this? Too much stuff in the luggage till it cannot be zipped up?!

Too much shopping too little luggage space!!

Shopaholic on coffee and walnut cake :)


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