Sunday, December 12, 2010

Castle cake

Made this for Kim at the last minute. I was supposed to attend a 3 day class and had closed those dates for all orders, but the class was cancelled last minute, therefore also took Kim's order last minute :)

I was originally thinking of a fondant cake, but Kim was interested in a fresh cream cake. As you know, fondant decorations are actually not compatible with chilled cakes. Hmm... But Kim gave me an idea of ice cream cones as the towers, so I thought I can actually cover the cones with fresh cream. The figurines would just have to go onto the cake just before delivery.

But actually this is not a good idea. SO SORRY Kim! The cone got too soft and it didn't hold up and survive her car journey home. So for you who are reading this, if you want a chilled castle cake, I would suggest plastic towers. :)

The requested figurines - the puppies from Barbie and the Diamond Castle series, and the cat from the Three Musketeers. And a girl figurine - No, I can't make Barbie, it is too "real" kind of animation, I am not able to copy the face features.

It wasn't a perfect cake but I actually liked this cake a lot. It would be good if the cake is served when it was just piped up. But as for orders, can't do lah... ;)

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