Sunday, December 26, 2010

Drinking session!

Happy Boxing Day! Did you have loads of drinks at the Christmas party? :) Here's another cake idea by Chelsea. The drunk piggy was supposed to be "her hubby" in one of his drinking session. The birthday greeting was also with special thoughts from Chelsea. Real good sense of humour, don't you think? ^^
Bottles of beer

Some hard liquor?

More cans of beer!

Empty cans...

"I am a happy pig... hikksss..."

Pig with a big grin and rosy cheeks... and the black glasses was one of the important specifications given by the lady, hehe...

Hope you've enjoyed this post as much as you've enjoyed your drinking session last night ;)

1 comment:

Chelsea Lai said...

Gee whiz..Bel \(^_^)/..the memories are great from this cake. How time flies! 3 years has gone by..thank you again for the wonderful cakes for my Olivia and my husband that created beautiful memories!


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