Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a Rolex!

My first watch cake! And I liked it so much myself that I didn't feel like delivering it. But of course I had to... :p

Tasha ordered this after getting the Chanel for her mom. :) I thought I had missed this because when she first requested, it was during the "ING weekend" which I told her I really REALLY couldn't.
When we discussed design, Tasha told me she wanted a box with the lid attached and opened. The box cover was really a big challenge! After a few attempts, I decided that the lid needed "extra support" beside the inner supports (trust me).

Randomly chose a watch design from the web, the only specification from Tasha was that she wanted a gold watch, the design was free hand.
Don't ask me the name of this design, but it looked like something for underwater from the look of that timer.

As I had changed the surface of the watch to gold instead of white, I changed the font colour to black instead of gold so that we can "tell the time" :).

I even tried to copy the design of the hour and minute hands. It was not only "minute", but "second" detail!

Though the watch was okay-ish real, I guess the logo had passed with higher marks :))

Watch box was made of a coffee and walnut cake with coffee butter icing. The cake was 6 inches square and with the lid, the whole cake measured almost 10 inches in height!
I hope this had managed to make an impression after my designer handbags... Keep those brilliant ideas coming! ;)


gymaddict said...

Wow looks amazing!!! Especially the box!

Bel Jee said...

gymaddict, :)) you are still following the blog ^^. Thanks...

yael said...

how did you prop up the cover? and how did you write rolex! amazing

Bel Jee said...

Yeal, the box cover has internal structure and it has been held up with 2 sticks - you can see the black colour sticks if close up. As for the logo, you just need to be a good copycat :)

Bel Jee said...

Yael - my apologies on typo

yael said...

Is the lid made out of cake or styrofoam?? it looks so real? I am trying to figure out how to make a cake like this but the lid is a real challenge!! help!!!

Bel Jee said...

Yael, the lid is made of gumpaste but it were rainy days when I was making this order so I added cardboard between the layers of gumpaste. Other than the sticks, there were no other non edible stuff in contact with the cake. Good luck!

Bel Jee said...

Sorry, you must ne wondering what's rain got to do with the card board haha... I added the card board in fear that the gumpaste might get soft after capturing too much moisture due to rainy days. But if the weather is good the gumpaste should be sturdy enough without internal structure. Just make sure you make the lid in advance like one week before.

yael said...

So the sticks that you see are the only supports holding up the lid at the back?
wow! great job...basically the bottom of the lid just sits on the back edge of the cake?

Bel Jee said...

Yes. The lid is glued to the cake with edible glue. Otherwise royal icing is another strong "glue" you can use. It will also be good to have dowel rods inserted into the cake where the lid is going to sit. Because the edge of the cake might be a bit weak to support the lid if it's too heavy and you dont want the cake colapsing over time. Have fun!


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