Friday, December 3, 2010

Chloe's Closet

Meet Chloe...

When Chelsea placed this order, I had no clue of how "Chloe's Closet" theme can be done haha... if you try googling that, you will know what I mean! So later got some "briefing" from Chelsea and we agreed with a few figurines that represents the cartoon.

The closet of course

Lovely Carrot - a ducky blanket that Chloe hug all the time. This blanket can fly :)
Princess hat

Magician's hat
Ballerina shoes
Pirate hat and sword... oppss... cropped away the sword, by the way, bad picture quality. This was taken just before delivering because I only wrote the wordings just before leaving the house (to avoid the icing wordings from smudging). So, didn't had the time to set up the place properly for photo shooting.

Let the imaginations go wild! :)


Chloe's Closet said...

Beautiful! We are adding this to the Chloe's Closet pinterest

Chelsea Lai said...

Thanks Bel.Olivia still remembers her beautiful cake until today ^^


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