Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Purple Dino

Halim is a great hairstylist. He has been my hairdresser for at least 8 years and he's never been wrong with the kind of hairstyle that suits me. Sis is also having Halim as her hairstylist now and she totally loves it. Thanks to Farid for introducing us to Halim.

It was also Farid who had reminded Halim recently of my little cake project and thus Halim ordered his son's second birthday cake from me.

When we first spoke, I thought he said he wanted "bunny", his son's favorite toy. So I asked Halim to MMS me picture of that rabbit so I know how to make it. So I thought it was Bugs Bunny until I got picture of a purple colour dinosaur. It's Barney!

A friend reminded me not to take reference of the "pirated" copy of Barney... I wasn't sure which is which actually. So googled for Disney's Barney, can't go wrong right? Halim wanted the wordings "2 year Hariz Haziq" held by Barney... I have been thinking what kind of gadget should Barney be holding, and whether this gadget has got enough space for the wordings. The gadget shouldn't be too big till it covers Barney as well... so at the end, I made a "lollipop" (I hope it looks like one) for the wordings, and have Barney held it to the side.

Some colourful cut-out wordings.

Halim also ordered a box of cupcakes and here they are....

Happy birthday Hariz! Hope you've enjoyed your birthday as much as Aunty Bel has enjoyed making Barney ^^


gymaddict said...

wah damn nice

Bel Jee said...

wei, thanks gymaddict. So fast your review ^^


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