Friday, November 27, 2009

Shiun Yan's Birthday

Which is coming Monday.

CS ordered this cake for Shiun Yan, actually Shiun Yan ordered the cake and then CS took over the order. Something like that... which should be that way right, can't be buying your own birthday cake for yourself. After brainstorming on the flavours (nearly made a chocolate cake) and decorations (which shall be the cake decorator's choice), here it is, the birthday cake in lychee custard sponge cake covered with fresh cream. The same cake Shiun Yan ordered the last time.

Had a piece of this cake at dinner and found that it's a bit yucky when the cake was a bit warm/ unchilled. Hopefully the remaining cake will taste better after some chilling.

I've got a new gadget from Cake Connection, the pearl balls, for my fountains of flowers. Not sure what colour to use, but I suppose the lady is okay with pink. I hope.

A little sugarpaste present to complete the decoration.

Happy birthday dear, may all your dreams come true :) and have many more great celebrations.

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