Friday, July 23, 2010

Branch Meeting at EON Bank

Having passion of the fiery red chillies!

Michelle ordered this for her office. EON Bank has an array of fruits to represent their motto in service providing. So fruits have been incorporated into the theme of the box of cupcakes she ordered.

A corn

The extra service in preparing the mango for you

Delightful experience, just like the citrus

Red among the greens (apples)

To go the extend in service, like offering a peeled orange instead of just any orange

Giant strawberry

Customers and the bank are like two peas in a pod

As a customer, you are the star.


I heard it was a branch meeting therefore the Malaysia map with dots indicating the branches nationwide.

A box of 18 medium cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes, presented on a 15 inches square cake board.

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