Sunday, August 1, 2010

A belated birthday gift

A glittering gift

Missed the actual day of Teoh's birthday. Gave him a belated birthday present, and had to plan and arrange for this box of cupcake later - to make sure little bro in question won't complain about giving him fattening stuff, plus need to make sure this busy boy was around before baking!

Nike sling bag

TTB... but I should have made a Manjakid penguin, it slipped my mind when I made TTB. Next year ^^

A pair of Nike shoes

An iPod

Not sure who were there because I left the box with the reception since little bro wasn't there when I went for my gym session, but I hope everyone who was there had enjoyed the cuppie cakes :)

Happy birthday again little bro. I'm sure you've had a great celebration (or many celebrations).

Last year's birthday cupcakes, which were arranged by Nick and delivered by Cheng.

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