Monday, August 2, 2010

The Little Princess who turned 1

Sharon has been referred by Nicky (indirectly I think...) and she also wanted to order a pillow cake with the tiara and scepter/ wand.

At first Sharon was referring to the picture of the tiara in my earlier post (on a smaler cake) and was concerned that the tiara might look a bit small on her cake because she needs a big cake - I offered a 12 x 12 inches cake. But I told her the tiara was actually handmade! So any size is fine :). The colour requested for the "pillow" was pastel pink.

Everything on the tiara is edible this time, no sticker gemstones etc because it's a children party and to avoid any kid from accidentally eating the plastic diamonds.

The wand, fully edible except of course a stick for inner support

The cake was just nice to fit both tiara and wand, with the given birthday message

Ribbons and frills for the "pillow"

Sharon also liked the butterflies in the previous cake, but since hers was a much bigger cake, we could actually have more butterflies.

Butterflies were requested for turquoise colour

Happy 1st birthday to Samira!

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