Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrating with Pink Chanel

This was a last minute order during middle of last week. In fact, if I was still having my full time job, I wouldn't be able to take this order. Spent more than 10 hours on one same day to get this done for delivery.

I really wanted to do this because it was a very special lead and how can I resist a Chanel?! The request was butter cake and pink handbag.

So here it is, I will let the pictures do the talking (I took so many pictures, so I simply HAD to upload more than a just a few here!)

Ohh... I thought I would be really such a pity to be sticking candles onto the "handbag" so I added a cupcake (a real one) for the candles at the end. I didn't have time to get a bigger cake board for some other forms of motives to hold the candle. Next one hopefully :)

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