Friday, July 31, 2009

A pink lady's gym

A Pair of Pink Glove

Farid had made an advance order for a box of birthday cupcakes for her friend. At first the theme was supposed to be something festive for the celebration, I thought then perhaps a lot of flowers. Later after J.E.'s box of cupcakes were made, Farid told me she quite like the gym theme and therefore we'd changed the theme to gym. But she said instead of blue, she wants pink :).

Hence the pink step board, hee. I thought it would be a bit too much if the barbell and plates were pink, so they were still black.

Pink iPod - I heard there is actually no pink iPod out there, is it so?

Too much of pink, therefore I made a white towel

You know what?! I forgot to put up the balloons!! Geezz... slap! But I hope customer and birthday girl like this box of pink cupcakes despite the missing balloons!

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