Friday, July 24, 2009

Colgate Palmolive on Cupcakes

Just saw on Tony's FB that people wouldn't mind brushing their teeth with this toothbrush. Haha... sugar toothbrush and toothpaste anyone?

Got some pictures from Tony earlier this week on her cupcake ideas. It's full of miniature Colgate Palmolive items. I thought then the little bottles will look really cute on the cupcakes. Just didn't make the "tooth" from his list.

Changed the "sensual" (red colour bottle) range of shower gel to "exotic" (orange) because the toothpaste is already red, and also I was using the orange colour shower gel :).

This Protex was the one I thought is the most difficult to make, not the shape, but the drawings. Then...

Then I realize the label for Softlan is actually more complicated, there's image of some actual person... luckily Tony already told me to focus on getting the brand name and no need to be too into drawings.

The deodorant stick was okay. Kind of cute but nothing too distinctive like the toothpaste...

Another box of mini chocolate cupcakes with butter icing

Ps. Tony, thanks for the mention in FB, and you definitely deserve agency fees for efficient distribution of TeaRoom name cards haha... Looking forward to the Brands cupcakes.

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MasterChef said...

really adorable!!!


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