Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yasmin's Wedding Cake

I remember asking Yasmin if she wanted to order her wedding cake from me early this year. She told me then that her big day was some time away. Time flies!

Finally... got a text from Meen a week before her wedding party for the ordering of her cake. I've proposed chocolate cake for the cake which was not objected by the bride since she was a fan too.

Meen has requested for baby blue and pink flower design and she particularly said she doesn't want fondant, she wanted butter icing instead. Yes, I do agree that I also like eating butter icing more than the fondant. I told her lets use fondant cut out flowers in case the butter icing piped flowers stain the cake.

Hope, flower didn't stain the cake. This is perhaps because the colours were not too strong, and I only piped on those flowers the morning before delivery of the cake.

More flowers on the top of the cake and the couple's name. I've got his wedding couple from ICCA because I feel that those you get from the other baking supply shop lacking details. Of course the price of this is slightly higher too.

Specially asked the couple to pose with the cake for my album. :)

Moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling. Covered with butter icing and decorated with fondant cut-out flowers and butter icing piped flowers.


MasterChef said...

Absolutely lovely!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Wow! Impressive babe. You outdid yourself again this time. :)

TTB said...
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