Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have a splashing birthday!

Feel like posting loads of pictures instead of long story telling tonight (excuse! ... Lazy :p).

Here's a box by Stephanie (thank you sooo much for the support!) for her sister's 12th birthday. Heard that the little sea creatures were to huge for birthday gal to finish. DON'T! Too much sugar... perhaps keep them as "toys" :)

"huge" baby whale

Nemo... seems popular

Dori... rather grumpy looking, oppss... was hoping to achieve the blur look :p

Dolphin... which I wasn't able to produce during my last order due to lack of time. Modified this little thing after photo taking actually.

The funny octopus to replace the crab request. I will figure out the way of making crabs, next time.


Some touch up upon assembling the box... toffee crunch sprinkles, sugar pearls etc...

And my favorite in this box... my little tortoise

Happy birthday Christina!

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