Monday, January 18, 2010

TTB in the undersea world

From Eric to his wife on her birthday.

Since Eric wanted a cake and also some cupcakes, but I kind of didn't have enough time for this order, we have settled with one same cake mix which were made into a small cake and 12 medium cupcakes.

Here are the decorations... when bro in law saw the making of the figurines, he said it looked like TTBs have gone into the undersea world. ;)

And the seafood... I mean sea creatures :)

Dolphins with the initials of daddy, mummy and son
Stingray, maybe I should make this green the next time

Baby whale, I know its "hands" are missing, but this looks kind of cute without the flippers. Logically, the flippers will be underwater even if it has it right? :p

Orange octopus which BO suggested that it should be in pink the next time. I shall ask the next customer about this colour choice. ;)

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