Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squire Kitchen 5 day Diploma - String Work

This is beautiful! Trust me. Above is the star insturctor, Rosalind performing, what I thought before I started, the impossible.

Also trust me, it's actually not difficult when you get started, so long as you have the perfect icing. Of course you also need to have a good eye sight and the temperature has to be just nice so that the icing won't turn too dry. We had to request for the air conditioning to be turned off when we were half way through because our "strings" kept breaking.

Oh, having a good mood and patience are definitely plus points. :) If you talk or laugh while pulling the strings, they will break. Can you imagine if you have less patience, try to rush it or lost interest half way? Being in a bad mood will for sure not help. So, stay calm when you do this. Haha...

Here's to show the bridge that was built prior to the string work. (forgot to take picture on just the bridge, was so into getting on with the strings...). The bridge consists of 6 layers of thin icing.

This were the best parts of my strings (can you imagine the worse parts?) where I managed to at least get some what consistent with the distance between the strings.

Huh! Just when I thought I was loosing my eye sights and the hard work is over... we needed to put little dots ON the strings. Okay... I have to admit that it got kind of fun at one point - just stay calm.

Oh before that was piping on the scallops, pearl borders... You will be so pleased with yourself when you get here. Trust me.

But of course that was not the finale. Now... Little patterns like these need to be piped (I gave up, actually my hands had given ways, so I had requested for SOS - Thank god for all the help given the other instructors! Nancy did these for me) and these were supposed to be stuck on to the cake...

Like this!

Don't you love the sight of this too? It's very classy and elegant, isn't it? (Just don't look too close at the bad workmenship).

We were told that the charges for string work is like three dollar (US dollar!) an inch. ONE INCH. Wow... but actually one might still think twice before accepting such order, even at that price.


Nurainie said...

Great job!

Bel Jee said...

Haha... thanks. You should have seen how stressed out we all were during the making!


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