Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cupcakes by Law

I've got an email inquiry from Allyson. At first I thought Allyson was her blog nickname. Haha... but no, it's her real name. She was planning for her brother's birthday, a lawyer in training, and has requested for a set of cupcakes relating to the law "stuff".

Oh yeah, and Allyson was the one who has "placed" an order for CNY cupcakes. :) Like I told her, so organized.

Here's the set of 3D toppers. I couldn't make the wig... so sorry dear. And the scale has to be lying down because I couldn't find anything strong enough and edible to hold the scale.

Black robe... and I saw on TV news the other day that them lawyers wear this white scarf with their robes. I think this is a bit too cute for the supposed serious lawyers. :D

The lawyers deal with a lot of paper work I'm sure...

A briefcase to hold the documents.

The little hammer...

Books and more books... That's why I didn't want to study law in school. :p

And finally, here's the scale. :)

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ss said...

so cutie......


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