Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yao Yao's 2nd Birthday Cake

Clare has booked this date for her daughter's birthday cake very long time ago. She wanted the custard and lychee filling cake and particularly the sponge fingers because her little baby loves that when she saw the picture of one of my previous cakes. My original plan was teddy bear with the play square blocks but I've later received a request of starfish, octopus and fishes.

Here's my Nemo! There were not that much space on the cake and since the birthday message was also quite long, the animals have to be tiny.

And here it is, the "baby" octopus and the little starfishes. I hope they are cute enough, I'm not very good with ocean animals yet.

Here's the message from daddy and mommy, sooo sweet!

Final touch... a pink ribbon (edible) and pink flowers on the sponge fingers. Hmm... I think the ribbon might be nicer if it's at the bottom. And since I didn't want to use the edible glue, I used fresh cream but it's a bit "messy" because the fresh cream can be seen.

Clare is a very supportive customer and very accommodating too. I've changed pick up time a few times but she's okay with it. Thanks dear. This is also her 4th or 5th time ordering from me and she has also been introducing TeaRoom to her friends. :)
Ashley Yao Yao is a really cute little girl. She will always accompany mommy to pick up the cakes.

Happy birthday Yao Yao! I hope you liked the cake.


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