Sunday, October 25, 2009

TTB & Friends

I was organizing my pictures for blog update and noticed that I don't have picture of this full box of cupcakes! Ahh... How can? So I recall... I must be too sleepy the night before and thought that I have already taken all the pictures necessary the night before that night... anyways, Jeannie, I hope you have some :p

So, I only have TTB and friends, the flowers were not in my album, but you've seen them all, only this time they were in violet colour, a colour I've not used for a while. For the kids, there was original quite a few "branded" or "celebrity" cartoon character, but couldn't manage. So making appearance were TTB and little blue baby elephant... with 2 new friends.

Moo moo, who originally I thought was a hippo, so he is now called something like Moopo, or Hipmoo... so funny, haha...

There was this one day when I got stuck in a traffic jam and saw some froggie decorative in the car next to me, so this was based on my memory of that frog, which turned out to look like Keropi. :)

Here they are...

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