Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Red Wedding

Nizar ordered this for her sister's wedding a week ago. (Thank goodness it is not for next week!) It is his niece who wanted to have something special for the auntie's wedding. So besides the cupcakes which Nizar had originally ordered, there was an additional wedding cake - fondant covered, with red roses. Yeah, I actually don't have any red flowers in my previous blog posts.

So here it is, the wedding cake. It's a chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing, one of Nizar's favorite, covered with white fondant (coated with some pearl luster), red roses, red tiny blossoms, red tulips on fondant covered and decorated cake board. The leaves were made of both fondant and butter icing.

And here are the cupcakes in 3 designs, red piped flowers, red tulips (or called chic pea flowers) and red hearts.

The full set of order after presenting. And the extras went on to the buffet line, I think. I didn't get to stay for the dinner as I had to be home for dinner.

The "customer", and good friend, formal gym-gang... posing with the cake. Thanks for the great support dear. Hope the celebration went beautifully. :)


MasterChef said...

So pretty!

cheeky girl said...

yup... so sweet... asking erwin to get it...

Bel Jee said...

Hee... thanks :). Asking Erwin to get red flower cupcakes? hehe... that would be very chinese actually ;)


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