Saturday, June 12, 2010

A love story

Actually I wasn't sure if this is about a love story :). Jen Nee ordered this for an office colleague's birthday celebration and the picture guide she gave me looked like something from the Korean dramas.

The figurines took me almost a full day to make... and I have changed the girl's hand position from like so...

... to this. Looks sweeter I thought :)

And the design of the hoodie they are wearing has some meaning behind. Which I wasn't too sure what... must be related to the Korean story?

Couple on wooden bench fixed on 2 large cupcakes in a garden theme box of cupcake. But the sizing of the figurines were not very accurate, a bit too huge for cupcakes hence making the cupcakes a bit unstable and threatening to topple over!

The girl's face looked a bit rounded with baby fat. :p

But I thought the boy was okay. So cute right? Totally in love with him ^^

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