Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Very Strawberry Cheesecake

There is a "little gal" in my office who's crazy about strawberries. The last time I made the fruit cake, she basically went to extend to "fight" for the strawberries. For her birthday, she requested for a cake with loads of strawberries. She also wanted a cheesecake.

I think strawberry cheesecake is a wonderful idea, I love strawberries too. Furthermore, there are these delicious Korean strawberries on sale in the supermarkets lately, have you tried? It's only RM8.90 if you get it from Jaya Jusco.

Instead of my usual baked cheesecake, I decided to make a chilled cheesecake this time. One of the reason was I don't want to "cook" the strawberries. The cake turned out to be pink due to the strawberry juice - the strawberries were chopped before mixing into the cheesecake mix. I already love the colour to start with.

The cake was then topped and decorated with even more strawberries. I've actually used 3 boxes of strawberries for this cake. Hence it became this VERY strawberry cheesecake.

Almost everyone (okay, actually everyone) love this cake, it's smooth and creamy. A bit too soft and "watery" for me, so I will add more gelatin the next time to give it a sturdier texture. Other than that, this is a wonderful cake, look at the amount of strawberries amidst the tofu-soft cheesecake!


Sukkimi said...

Yes I love strawberries + cheesecake too. You r rigthy korean strawberries is the best , sweet and not sour like cameron's

Those strawberries need to be air dry first before adding ? Thanks for the tips.

How do u make ur strawberries looks shiny?

Can share ?


The TeaRoom Baker said...

Hi Sukkimi,

Back in UK, we used to eat strawberries straight from the box. But probably it's still good to just wash them before using. I'll just give them a good rinse, pat them dry with kitchen towel before cutting them up. For certain desserts like this one, the strawberries are supposed to be mushy and wet (own juice) and stain the cake pink.

As to make them shinny, use apricot glace. Available in all baker supply shop ;)


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