Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dylan's Four Season Cupcakes

After a couple of Facebook messages, I've got this set of four season cupcake order confirmed with Dylan. Dylan is leaving KL for UK and wanted to give his colleagues a special farewell message, and he decided to have these messages on some sweet little indulgence.

It's very exciting to be getting specific request from customers most of the time. That will steer me away from what I've done or improvise and put together what I've been doing into some new concept.

In my opinion, the little mini cupcakes are cute, customers will normally like them and so I thought I would not disappoint him (or would not miss to meet his expectation as Dylan had mentioned) but whether the cupcake sets were able to capture the "essence" of the four season was another matter.

This was my idea. For Spring, let's go with pink which I felt was a very spring colour, reminds me of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) too. And my impression of spring has always been when all kinds of colourful flowers blossom. So the spring cupcakes were pretty much flower based. Sis, who'd lived in UK for 12 years, reminded me that roses and tulips are spring flowers. Oh, and a butterfly since it was mentioned by customer.

Summer was not that difficult in terms of finding a plant that represents the season. In fact, when I googled summer, I got loads of sunflower pictures. But I can't be filling up the whole box with flowers... And since I am not skillful enough to craft a beach, I thought I will capture some moments of tropical by having some fruits. Summer was orange, somehow like the sunny colour of summer.

Autumn was the most difficult for me, besides deciding that Autumn should be brown, I didn't know what happens during autumn that is significant. If you google autumn, there will be basically pictures of maple leaves. Erm... I wasn't sure what was the best way to make a maple leaf. Perhaps a maple leave chocolate mould, but I didn't have that. I hope the leaves were not too far off. The rest of the cake were decorated with brown colour toppers, chocolates, chocolate chips, pistachio nuts, and brown faded colour flowers and leaves.

And winter was icy blue. Winter was the easiest. Maybe because so much happens in this season and snow can basically do the trick. Since this season is about Christmas, I've included some plus mistletoe and snowing down the cupcakes with snow powder.

I've had some of the positions consistently decorated with chocolate chips. So, colourful thousands and hundreds for spring; orange glitters for summer; brown chocolate chips for autumn and snow powder for winter.

The four season flowers...

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