Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chocolate Cheese Cake - It's a celebration!

So much so that you might be able to recognize this cake as a chocolate cheesecake with melted dark chocolate, you might still be wondering what are those "stuff" on the cake. Right.

Mum, sis and brother in law were quite entertained by these "stuff" during my work-in-progress. You see, I made these motives for the cake the night before and left them on the dining table to dry. So the family was amused and started their "guess the motives contest" among themselves.

Mum said: "not sure what. The big green one is a spoon, then... 2 chicken drumsticks"
Sis said: "Carlsberg? otherwise must be a big green whale with 2 little fishes"

Okay. At least the Carlsberg is quite close. But sis did guess that it was a champagne bottle. No one actually notice that brown little figure. But with these comments, I threw away the "2 little fishes" and did new ones... I've also completed the making of the champagne bottle.

Bottle on the cake, added some hundreds and thousands to give the popping the champagne feel, and positioned the cork, so now most people know what that little brown thing is (I hope).

And here are the new "fishes" which now look like some kind of glasses if not the champagne flute glasses.

My colleague ordered this to celebrate her husband's promotion. Nope. It's not a new born baby celebration in case you were wondering. :)

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