Friday, April 3, 2009

Cupcakes for Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2009

I received a last minute order from Beatrice. Okay, it was not exactly last minute, but when I've got other events lined up, less than a week can be considered last minute sometimes, especially when the order is more than 200 pieces.

The cupcakes were for her guests and to be given out during the Stylo KL Fashion show. The colours of the flowers were meant to match the theme colour of the collection to be shown on the runway. It took me about half an hour just to mix the colours. It's quite hard to get icing colour to match fabric colour, furthermore, I don't really have a piece of fabric with me.

Heard that the fashion show was a success. I hope the cupcakes didn't do too bad either. :)

A picture from the fashion show courtesy of Beatrice (thanks dear)

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