Friday, April 3, 2009

Need a BOOST!

So just to amuse ourselves, and in order to give everyone a boost of motivation and humour at the same time in the office, I've created these cupcake messages. I find them extremely useful especially now that we've made all these into "icons" we can actually send "virtual cupcakes" to friends with the intended message. We are also using these icon as our profile pictures for instant messaging. It's very cool and cute too.

Diligent ("nu li")

Youth ("qing chun")

Gambateh! ("Jia Yiu")

Future ("Qian tu")

Unity ("Tuan Jie")

Strength ("Li Liang")

Good Karma ("Fu Bao")

Happiness ("Kuai Le")

This I made for the someone who'd really supported all of us throughout, and he's just so very cool, all the time. So everyone thought this is very apt.

The coolest ("Zui Ku")

As for me. I was really furious the other day, told someone off at the office, so this I made for myself. Must maintain ZEN.

Zen ("Chan Ding")

All right reserved. IF you would like to use one of these icons, please notify me first. Thanks.

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