Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jaah!!!

For my best friend, best mentor and definitely a hard core MU fan!

This is a continuation of last year's cake. Since I gave up the 3D and went for the cake flavour last year, I decided to go for the design this year. ^^

I didn't have a round baking tin, this was sculptured from 2 normal round cakes, that explains why it's not perfectly round. The sculpturing was fine, however, the patching of the hexagons and pentagons really made me crazy! This is the result of 2nd round of patching. Had to take off after the first round and redo because the patterns won't join at all at certain places!! *sweat*

At least the grass were okay, right? :)

Happy 50th birthday, Jaah! (sorry, can't help it :p :p)
Have a good birthday celebration and may this cake brings you some "ong" for the future football games to come haha... XD


Anonymous said...

hi..if i wan the football cake change from MU to that possible? and how much is the price?

Bel Jee said...

Yes can change to other logo and scarf colour. 3D football cake is RM190.


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