Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrating birthday the United way

CNY baking was really REALLY crazy! But there's this very important birthday which I cannot not bake a cake for. I wanted to make a 3D football originally, but I also know Jaah prefers the fresh cream cake more than a butter or chocolate cake... So since this is going to be a refrigerated cake, I had used these plastic "toys".

This logo was bought from one of the push-cart stalls in Sungai Wang, which I happened to be some weeks ago. I've put up a layer of baking paper at the back of this logo to have a layer between the cake and the sticker (this is actually a sticker).

I know, I know... the "field" is too small and I am not very sure if I've drawn the lines correctly. I had to send this cake off straight after it's decorated because my fridge has no space! Trust me, even the maid who received the cake commented that the box was so big, "besarnya box!".

Since there's no more space for the footballer to play in the field, they'd gone done to the lawn.

These toys were just so cute, I had so much fun arranging them (with some consultation from cousin) this blue one for instance, which I thought had fallen down, but cousin said he's trying to "steal" the football... really? Okay, anyways, okay or not this arrangement?

The goal keeper, like real. Haha...

I know the cake wasn't that tasty but I hope you'd enjoyed the fun!

Happy birthday Jaah! Hope you had a great celebration and hope United had won tonight, specially for your birthday ;)

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