Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mini Chinese New Year cakes

This year, sis order 4 cakes as part of her CNY gifts to her (hubby's side) relatives. Sis wanted something cute but not mini cupcakes... so we decided that we'll make some mini butter cakes with butter sugar icing... Here are the 4 themes given by sis for her cakes...

Mandarin oranges with gold ingots

Fish... for "nian nian you yu"

A fondant fish made with Tan See Fong's chocolate mould

Another mandarin orange... hmm... should have place more butterflies

Finally this one, the mahjong and "money" theme... for the mahjong lovers :). The creative bunch who received this cake decided to buy "8778" or something like that - the number of gold coins, number on the dice and... I am also not sure. Lets wait for sis to explain :p

1 comment:

MasterChef said...

It is 9887. 9 for the total gold coins. The two 8s for the mahjong. and 7 for the dice. ^_^


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