Monday, February 8, 2010

Yoga and Construction

This set was for Jojo. Her theme was "yoga" and "constructions. Along with a pair of TTB with hearts, and a headstand TTB too.


Lady TTB

TTB and the birthday greetings

Headstand TTB

Side view of headstand TTB

Yoga mat

Gym glove (Nike :p) with raisins chocolates

Gym bottle with marshmallows

Construction map

One of my favorite, hence two pictures haha...

Safety helmet with chocolate "stones"

Drinking bottle with pistachio and walnuts

Ruler and chocolate sticks

The set of cupcakes consist of 12 chocolate cupcakes with butter icing
Thanks Jo for ordering this, wished I could take your pineapple tart and another box of CNY cupcakes! Next year hopefully :)

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